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Kanno Sugako was an anarcho-feminist Japanese journalist by profession. She was the author of a series of articles about gender oppression, and a defender of freedom and equal rights for men and women.

Kanno was raped at fifteen. She had her first contact with…

"Domestication, which limits the possibilities of what we can become, promises without limits, because it ties our future to an undead and all-devouring system. We are evacuated of our desires and instincts, and the vacuous space left within us is filled with all the representations of what was taken. Instead of a vast multitude of potentials and ways of relating to the world, our lives are reduced to a microcosm of the linear progression of society. Domestication does more than enslave us to the social orders future, it creates wilful slaves."
β€” Against the Gendered Nightmare - baedan (via plantgirlramona)